MONROVIA-The Senior  Pastor of  Philadelphia Church who was accused of rape and taken to court, has been set free on bail by  the Presiding Judge of the 13th  Judicial Circuit Court in Margibi County, court documents said.

Rape   suspect, Apostle Franklin Snorton, Senior Pastor of the Philadelphia Church in Margibi county was released  on bail.

Apostle Snorton,  was accused last year of raping and impregnating a 21 year old girl.

He was bailout by  Judge Yarmie Gbeisay following a motion filed by his (Apostle Franklin Snorton’s lawyers.

Rape in Liberia is a non-bailable crime punishable by law for life imprisonment  and or seven or more years in prison. The 2005 rape law indicates that without consent for penetration of any parts of the body is a violation.

Judge Gbeisay announced his recusal from the matter following his verdict that led to the release of the suspect.

At the same time, the 21 year rape victim’s father narrated that the case is not yet over, as he has contacted some legal practitioners who will follow the case to its logical conclusion.

Meanwhile, the state Prosecutor has vowed to take an appeal to the Supreme Court to review  Judge Gbeisay’s  decision to grant the alleged rapist bail.

Earlier the, State Prosecutor has filed a motion for a change of venue in the case to the nearest location, Grand Bassa or Montserrado County for prejudice. The motion was denied.

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