President Weah Launches €9 Million Informal Sector Economic Recovery Program

By Mark Neywon Mengonfia

MONROVIA-People from the informal sector of Liberia have all reasons to smile because Liberian President, President George  has launched what is named and stayed: ” Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector Employment Project (“REALISE”)”

The REALISE project is worth approximately Nine Million (€9,000,000) Euros and is expected to benefit about 4000 vulnerable Liberians in the informal under component one, while the second part will target the total of about 15,000.

President Weah speaking Friday at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town at the launch of the project said  the project is jointly being implemented by the  Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment.

He indicated that the two implementing institutions informed him that the French Government, through the Agency for French Development (AFD), have committed to support the REALISE Project adding that a technical team has already been sent to Liberia by the AFD to conduct a feasibility study for the Project.

“We are very thankful to the French Government, the World Bank,  and all those who have helped to make this possible” President Weah praised his partners.

He added,”Let me now  call on other development partners to contribute to the REALISE Project, so that the impact reaches across the country, and not just Monrovia.”

The Liberian leader said he was glad to have been part of the launching program of  the Recovery of Economic Activity for Liberian Informal Sector Employment Project (“REALISE”).

“This is yet another important program intended to empower the ordinary people of Liberia” he intoned.

President Weah said he was very happy to have heard that the REALISE Project will promote economic activities for a total of about 19,000 Liberians in the Greater Monrovia area.

He told the gathering that a major focus of the development agenda of his administration is economic empowerment adding, this has been a central theme from Day One, to which he and his team continue to remain committed.

He said all of those efforts he and his team are mounting point to poverty reduction and people empowerment as essential elements for a sustainable and durable peace.

Giving a flashback, President Weah recounted his days at the Liberian Senator where he said, “In 2015, as the then Senator of Montserrado County and Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Youth and Sports, I sponsored the ratification of the Ten Million ($10,000,000) United States Dollars Youth Opportunities Project, (YOP) which provided training, livelihood and entrepreneurial support to thousands of Liberian Youth.”

According to him, that is why, since the beginning of his tenure as President about some four years ago, his administration has embarked upon numerous important initiatives which are intended to empower ordinary Liberians, “while at the same time tackling other developmental challenges across the country.”

He acknowledged the multiplicity of the needs of the people including that these needs are best addressed through initiatives that involve the people themselves.

 “This is the approach adopted by the REALISE Project, which calls for the direct involvement of ordinary people through small enterprises and community-based public works,” he said.

President Weah thanked  the people of Liberia for their  support, patience and involvement regarding  REALISE project.

“It is only through your participation that the REALISE Project can become successful and sustainable, and achieve its intended purpose,” the Liberian leader said.

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