MONROVIA-A writ  arrest had been issued out of criminal Court “C” against the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC) for alleged corruption and conflict of interest.

Since the writ came out, she has not been seen for such to be served on her. Her whereabout remains unknown

Judge Ciapha Carey’s writ of Arrest is believed to be prayed for by the Anti-corruption commission through the ministry of justice which is the prosecutorial  arm of the Liberia Government.

This comes less than week after Madam Lansana and co-chairpersons was indicted or found guilty of corruption scan and conflict of interest by the LACC, relative to the renting of thermometers for the holding of the just ended by-elections in four of Liberia’s 15 counties.

She has been indicted for money laundering (insider trading and market manipulation), a violation of the conduct, conflict of interest, relative used of office for private interest, and disclosure of interest.

The amount in question for which she had been indicted is being put at US$182,320.00.

It can be recalled that at a press briefing on Wednesday, December 6, 2021 in Monrovia, the Executive Chairperson of Liberia’s  LACC Counselor Edwin Kla Martin provided an update on an investigation of allegations of “conflict of interest” involving officials of the NEC, including the Chairperson Madam Davidetta Brown-Lansana.

The investigation found  that the Chairperson of the National Elections Commission did not disclose her interest in TUMA Enterprises while presiding over the procurement committee .  LACC said that during the investigations, Madam Davidetta Brown Lansana admitted and confirmed to the investigation that R. David Brown, Vice President for Operations of TUMA Enterprises is her brother from the same father, while Arnold Badio, owner and incorporator  of TUMA Enterprises is a brother to David Brown, from the same mother. But madam Lansana said at no time did she ever admit to said allegation of corruption. She said the statement was false and misleading.

Section 1.3.6(Conflict of Interest) of the National Code of Conduct for all Public Officials and Employees of the Government of Liberia, Part II, Section2.2 of the Act establishing the Liberia Anti-corruption Commission describes inside trading as an act of corruption and also in violation of section 15.3(predicate offenses for money laundering under section 15.2 of the Money laundering Act of 2012 which provides(t) Insider Trading and Market Manipulations Subsequent indictment will be drawn for court’s prosecution.”

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