It looks like  Abraham Malard , who expressed his anger over a lady is feeling the pinch of what he did.

Police in Monrovia have charged and sent to court a 27 year old man of the Mandingo tribe for stabbing to death Martha Saturday, a resident of LPRC community, Gardnerville.

Defendant Abraham Malard was charged with the crimes of murder, criminal attempt to commit murder and aggravated assault, a violation of chapter 14, subchapter “a” section 14.1 and chapter 10, section 10.1 and chapter 14.2 of the revised penal code of Liberia.

Defendant Mallard was arrested and turned over to the Crime Against Person Unit (CAPU), where he was charged with these crimes for purposely and intentionally stabbing the deceased to death with a blue handle kitchen knife below her right back and also stabbing the deceased’s daughter with the same object at the LPRC junction, Gardnerville, Japan Freeway on December 1, 2021 over five Liberian dollars change.

Prior to the incident on December 1, 2021, defendant Mallard had gone to the deceased business place located at LPRC junction to buy cold water.

According to police charged sheet, after defendant Mallard handed one hundred Liberian dollars over to the deceased, he did not wait to be served, instead, he took a block of ice forcibly, which led to an argument between the defendant and the deceased.

While defendant Malard and the deceased were arguing about his (Defendant) five Liberian dollar change, he (defendant) allegedly jumped on the deceased into a fist fight;  they were separated few minutes later.

Unknown to the deceased, defendant Abraham took a knife and stabbed the deceased below her right back thus resulting to her death upon arrival at Mawah Hospital.

In the same like, the defendant also stabbed victim Serena Tarr, daughter of the deceased twice, one at her left breast and back while trying to separate them.

Meanwhile, the 27 years has been  forwarded to the Monrovia city court for onwards prosecution and is currently being held behind bars pending formal indictment and subsequent trial..

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