MONROVIA-Over the weekend, four hundred and sixteen (416) students graduated from the Sabena School of Travel and Tourism (SSTT), earning diplomas in various areas of studies.

The ceremony saw students in a joyous mood as they walked out of the walls of that institution.

Serving as guest speaker of the 21st graduation ceremony of the Sabena School of Travel and Tourism was Madam Olive B. Cisco, Technical Assistant and supervision Unit, Rural Community Finance Project at the Central Bank of Liberia.

Addressing the graduates, Madam Cisco said to leave the walls of any institution is one thing and practicing what has been learnt is another thing.

The guest speaker furthered that the world after graduation is challenging noting that only determination, hard work and being focus is the best option.

Madam Cisco told the graduates that the world outside the walls SABENA is not without challenges, but those test of time can be overcome with putting into use what they were thought.

Madam Cisco who also graduated from the institution some 20 years ago recounted her own story, by telling the graduates that before reaching top as a woman, she had sleepless nights trying to connect different time zones.

“At that time there were no internets so we had to prove ourselves” Madam Cisco said.

She added, “Sell your personalities, build your brand, and believe in yourself.”

She added that once they add values to themselves, they will one day reach the top.

“Your passion and commitment will take you to higher heights” madam Cisco added.

She said Tourism plays important role in the economy of any nation adding that they graduates were on the right path.

In 2020, many of those who graduated enrolled at SSTT since and completed the necessary requirements in keeping with the institution’s curriculum.

The graduates walked always with diplomas Customer Service Management (CSM), Hotel and Tourism Management (HUT), Cargo Handling (CGO) and Travel Agent Training (TAT).

The training lasted for twelve months, while at the higher national diploma (HND) level, which is an advanced level, students were taught in-depth procedures in customer service management (CSM), cargo handling (CGO) and travel agent training (TAT) for six months.

During the graduation, people were honored and placed in the Sabena’s Hall of Fame by Henry Benson Sr., Administrative Director of the school for their outstanding partnership roles played.

He also honored 21 graduates who distinct themselves in three categories of excellence: cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude.

He boasted that this institution has made positive impacts in the Liberian society since it was established.

He said about 85% of those working at the Robert International Port (RIA) various airlines are graduates are all graduates of Sabena.

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