MONROVIA-It  looks like it was her  bad day  to be seen by the Liberian government.  Harriate T. Castro and her man were arrested after they  allegedly sold  their  six months old baby for US$60.00 to  a lady.  That the economic situation was unbearable for them so they had no option but to sell   the child   whom  madam  Castro carried  in her womb for nine months.

A 21 year old mother Harriate T. Castro had allegedly sold her six months old baby for US$60 united states dollars due to what she term as economic hardship. Harriate was arrested on December 16, 2021 along with a guy (Jerome Browne) believes to be her boyfriend and were taken to the Monrovia Central Prison upon order of magistrate Jorma Jallah of the Monrovia City Court.

This  defendant Castro  was charged with  the crime of Human Trafficking in violation of Section  10 while, defendant Browne is charged with Criminal Facilitation which is in violation of Chapter 10 Section 10.2 of the Panel Law of Liberia.

The Child was allegedly  bought  by one Garlo. According to police charged sheet, both defendants conspired and sold little Siafetu Bah on November 29, 2021, on Miami Bench to a lady-Garlo, whom defendant Castro (child mother) claimed had been providing for she and the baby in question in the last months.

She told police investigator that it was the making of defendant Browne to give the child to the lady to help her up- keep since the lady in question had been providing for them for the last months; which she saw as a good idea, epically living in the ghetto.

Castro had denied ever taking money from the Garlo  in exchange of her third child, contrary to the assertion by her lover.  She did not say where other two children are currently.

While defendant Browne, father of the child, told police investigation that it was the baby’s mother who sold the baby to the lady after introducing her to him as her aunty who was willing to take care of them.  He had no idea nor hand in the selling of the child.

Police investigation gathered also  that defendant Garlo and his sister Decontee Geeplay to be identified had a job in Ivory coast to offer the victims, but not knowing they were carrying them for prostitution and other activities.

Defendant Garlo and his sister who  are residing in Ivory Coast had been transporting Liberian ladies to get them involve into sexual  activities.

The Monrovia City Court also sent to jail Even Gee Garlo for the crime of Trafficking In Person, Criminal Conspiracy and Forgery which contravenes Chapter 10, 14 and 15 Sections 10.3, 14.65 and 15.70 of the New Panel Law of Liberia.

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