By Washington Tumay Watson –

MONROVIA-The just-ended by-elections in four counties, Bomi, Bong, Grand Gedeh  and Nimba, the Representative for   Nimba  County District  number five and Chairman of the People’s Unification Party, Samuel Kogar said the wings of   Senator Prince Johnson  have been ‘broken’ politically and there was no need for him to be referred to as ‘god father’ of that county.

According to him, Senator  Johnson  has been a serious embarrassment for their county over the years.

The two statesmen of Nimba have always been at each other’s throat over policy difference.  Ironically, Representative Kogar is  related to senator Johnson.

Senator Prince Y. Johnson has always  boosted that he is the godfather of Nimba County,  and many politicians have gone to him for ‘blessing’.

Speaking on the Truth Briefest show on Tuesday November 23, 2021, Representative Kogar said Senator Johnson has been inconsistent when he makes statements about for Nimba County as a leader.

“God never had a father. God had a son- Jesus . This is a litmus test.  If  Any government  believes at this  time that Nimba is  a place of man show,  it will be on a broken stake. The society was based on unity.

In the past, decisions taken , they were consulted. But since 1990, the tradition has been eroded,” he said.

He said, it is important for the people of Nimba to be holistic in their dealing. “We need to be holistic.  When there are serious national issues, all elected people should sit and discuss it.”

He added,  it is not the case; rather,  Senator Johnson is only interested in denying things that he most often say to the citizens of the county.

Rep. Kogar  said, PYJ is not demonstrating  a leadership  that  will bring about  unity, reconciliation  and development in the county,  but divisive politics and self-interest  is what he is concerned with.

“All of the other tribes can become representative of a district, but for those two positions as senators are dominated by the mano and Gio.”

The PUP Chairman Kogar who supported Sam Brown(the candidate that won the just ended by-election said Senator Johnson inability to consult with the electorates during critical decisions making periods, is one of factors that is responsible for the unpopularity of the Nimba ‘political godfather’.

According to him,  the reason  that most of the times Senator Johnson’s candidates  are defected at the district level is because  of what he called his lack of consultations  for the electorates  to decide  on  who  to vote  for as  a leader.

“Senator Johnson has huge influence at the time, so based on that he has not been respecting the people “he noted.

Representative Kogar  furthered that  Senator Johnson will find it difficult for  his re-election in 2023 if the people from the Mano tribal group of Nimba put  their house in order  and put out a candidate that will stand against PYJ.

He said presently,  the county’s  two Senators,  Jeremiah Koung and Prince Johnson are  from the Gio ethnic group; something  that  has  the propensity  to undermine  the chances  of Senator Johnson winning  the election over  the Mano candidate if  they do their political  home work better.

But when this  paper contacted Senator Johnson, he described Representative’s statement as rubbish. “I will win when I decide to vote. I remain the ‘god father’ of  Nimba. My people love me. Do not mind what that boy is saying.

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