MONROVIA-Mr. Alexander Cummings, political leader  of the opposition Alternative National Congress-ANC said   the ongoing allegations and counter allegations within the Collaborating political parties-CPP,  is benefiting president Weah’s government  and he hopes that all parties to the CPP framework will try to resolve this soon and move ahead.

He made the statement last week when he appeared on Truth FM  radio program.

“Only Weah led government  has benefitted from the CPP  confusion and we  have not been  focusing on moving forward. We have been calling them off. President Weah is the only beneficiary,” he said.

According to him, those who are accusing him of tampering with the framework documents have not been able to point at what  he changed.

He said, they have failed to show anything that we changed. I think when  people say you steal, is to benefit you. But  there is nothing in there that  the ANC is benefiting from.

“But there is nothing there to show that we are benefiting from,” he said.

Mr. Cummings said his accusers, Mr. Joseph Boakai, Benoni Urey and  Nyonnegble Lawrence  owe them an apology for defaming his character.

“Shame on my colleague. We certified  the CPP framework agreement and no one came out to say that we altered it. Why now.  It is being over a year before this so called allegation came on. Where were they,?”

According to him, “they are untrue. They owe me an apology for trying to  marling   my character. Joe knows we did not alter any agreement. When  you steal, you do it to get advantage, but what is in the  advantage?

He however recommended that they hire  some  independent Liberians to investigate the allegation.  According to him, the lawyers who investigated only said they were looking at what they put into it.

Speaking on the change of the currency, he said, he hopes it will be one with some level of transparency. More to that, he was skeptical  that such change could lead to future financial disaster, if care is not taken.

That the level at which this current government has failed, he was worried that things might go wrong soon.

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