MONROVIA-President George Weah  did not hide  his political feeling on his birthday  when  he told the nation that  he would win the 2023 presidential election because  Liberians love him.

Speaking to journalists at his  Jamaica Resort  residence, he said, due to the level of work he has done over the years  and continues to do now,  it will encourage Liberians to re-elect him. He wants to leave a legacy.

“I want to leave a legacy that they will point their fingers   to say , he did this, he did that. That people will never regret. This is how I want to live my life”

“I listened to some people saying  that they will  make  Weah   a  one term president. That does not matter; that is what they think. But I say back to them, while you are saying that you want  to  make me a onetime president; bless God for that.  It will never happen. But before I came, you said,  it(for me to be president of Liberia) will never happen for  George Weah  to be president,” he said.

Then, he continued: “But  everything that God say, no man changes  it. I can guarantee you. Those people, they said that I could never become president in this country. I am the president. They saying again that  I will be one time president. My work will speak for me. The Liberian people will go to the pool  and will defeat any induvial  that will come in  my way.”

It can be recalled that he lost  the 2005 presidential elections to madam  Ellen Johnson in 2005. He left the county and  went to school in the USA. Then in 2011, he returned and went as vice  presidential candidate to Cllr. Winston Tubman, a retired UN  senior officer.   Still not happy with the  outcome, he contested as the standard bearer of his same party-Congress for Democratic Change-CDC in 2017. He won landslide in 14 of  Liberia’s 15 political sub-division.

Recently, a number of opposition politicians said that he would become a one-time president. This, he said, “I can guarantee you, Liberian  people love me.  Do not take them for granted. Next elections, those people will be crying, they  will say, they cheat me, they cheat me, because I will   beat them mercifully. First it was 14 counties, this  time I  am  going to take 15 counties.  Let me remain you.”

He turned 55 years on October 1, 2021.  He called on Liberians to remain peaceful at all times.

He wants to leave a legacy, he said.  “I want to leave a legacy so people will never  forget. They will point their finger and say, you see that , you see  that  person, this is how I want to live by life.”

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