MONROVIA- Cllr. Arthur Johnson, a renowned Liberian lawyer has taken back on his decision to take President George Weah to court for making music rather than doing his job for which he (Weah) was elected for.
It can be recalled late last year, Cllr. Johnson bragged of filling a writ of Mandamus against the Liberian head of state if he does not desist from making music and focus on the Liberian people job.

In that press conference last year, Johnson vowed that if the president comes up with any singer order than the previous ones, he was going to file a lawsuit before the Supreme Court of Liberia to compel the president to do the work he was empowered to do, even though the Liberian constitution prohibits the presidency from being sued by an individual or whatsoever.

But now, the lawyer who once was the head of the assets recovery team(resigned later) seems to be he has ‘bowed’ down and saying the contrary now.

Though president Weah, has been seen as a footballer, who is new to politics, Cllr. Johnson has declined to take legal action against the person who heads the government .

A writ of mandamus is an order from a court to an higher government official ordering the government official to properly fulfil his or her official duties or correct an abuse of discretion.
Speaking in an interview recently with Truth FM, following the release of a new music (Mama Rita) by President George Weah the learned lawyer claimed he is taken into consideration his recent decision to file a writ of mandamus against the president.

According to him, not that he is afraid or has compromised his case, but he is studying his previous decision to sue the President for his production of music.
“I am taking that into consideration. Arthur Johnson had never been a person that can be afraid. I am not really moved” Cllr. Johnson said.

He continued: “I am a kind of person that has thick skin; I am not moved by sentiments, I move by analyzing the variable, I think before I decide and I plan before I implement and subsequently, when I make decision I stand by those decisions.”

When quizzed on his statement of filing a mandamus against the president, he bewailed he was taking things into consideration. He did not say what he was taking into consideration.

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