MONROVIA-Liberia’s 174th Independence Anniversary national Orator Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, has urged citizens to cultivate a nationalistic mind, and demonstrate love for country at all times.

The University of Liberia(UL) President indicated that as citizens,  they must never engage in actions that would be counterproductive to the national development aspirations.

He narrated that as citizens, they must continually do their part, wherever they find themselves to support and contribute to national development in whatever little way the citizens can contribute.

“It is counter-productive to development when we walk along the road and throw garbage in the streets and drainages, while at the same time we sing the praises of other nations, whose citizens are careful to use the garbage bins, thereby keeping their cities clean’’ he noted.

Highlighting the unpatriotic attitudes of Liberians Dr. Nelson said it is counter-productive to development when they loot the electric wires, and solar panels installed on the streetlights to provide light at night, but admire other countries that are lit up at night.

He hewer noted that it is counter-productive to development, when the citizens take without asking for the crushed rocks that were brought to repair the cracks in the road, and in some places, construct roads, while at the same time commending other countries for having good roads.

‘’It is counter-productive to development, when we exploit our children who are pursuing their education, while speaking well about the educational standards in other countries’ he noted.

He noted  that as proud citizens of  such a great land of liberty, have equal and important roles to play as well in  the development  of the country stressing  that   the government focuses on the bigger picture.

He emphasized that Liberians betray that trust; “it is counter-productive to development when some of us begin to think that we are more Liberians than others”

The National orator further indicated it is counter-productive to development when the citizens demonstrate that they don’t care for the needs and welfare of others’

“We are being practical today, because sometimes it is good to tune down from the high academic pedestal and speak directly into the hearts and minds of our average Liberian’s he said

He further use  the event  to remind all Liberians that the growth and development of the  country can only be possible ‘’if we continue to hold together, work together, share together, and support each other’’.




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