MONROVIA-Mr. Samuel Jackson, a  seasoned economist and  a well-respected Liberian has described himself as a trained combatant who is prepared to take the arrow should anyone attack him for his decision  to support president George Weah’s second term bid in 2023 elections.

Mr. Jackson has been a strong critic of president George Weah. He termed many officials  in  this government as unfit to  govern Liberia.

In his endorsement  statement  read of Stone Talk, a local talk show,  he  said  he has no regret to support the second bid of president Weah.

According to him, he  knows that such decision would cause outrage in many areas, but his primary interest was the country.

More to that, he promised not to take any position in this government.

“I would not take a job from this administration, neither do I expect to be invited to Jamaica resort.  I do  this out of my political orientation  as progressive who supports grass root forces  not matter how flaw and challenge.

“I do this out of my political orientation as a progressive who supports grass roots causes no matter how flawed and challenged. Anyone can attack me. I am a big boy. I am a trained combatant. I can take the slings and arrows,” Mr. Jackson said.

He added, “I  will constructively   engage the Weah administration to  help achieve the goal to overcome  our development challenges.

“I am endorsing the 2023 presidential aspirations of George Manneh Weah. My support to his candidacy is etched in stone.  I don’t expect anything in return. I support continuity for 2023 not because the Weah Presidency is flawless but because it represents the aspirations of millions of Liberians who yearn for a transition to a younger generation and is a composition of grass roots efforts that I have supported in the past,” Mr. Jackson noted.

“I cannot support the organized opposition because it is led mostly by relics from past failed administrations and the old order,” he further observed in his post, vowing to constructively engage the Weah Administration to help achieve the goal of overcoming our development challenges.

“I take this position knowing fully well it will anger many of my friends and political associates. I take full responsibility for my decision. I don’t expect many in the CDC to welcome my decision with logic and love. I know many will not trust me. But no worries. I won’t take a job with this administration. Neither do I expect to be invited to Jamaica Resorts to have pow wows with the president,” he added


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