FOYA–The main streets and street corners in Foya , Lofa county came to a standstill when president George M. Weah arrived in the town late Saturday, June 5, 2021 at noon.

Thousands of residents and supporters stood up with palm leaves, some with white handkerchiefs, towels and leaves to wave as his convoy entered.

Earlier, when it was announced that president Weah would embark on his trip to Lofa and stopover in Foya, there were skepticisms. That, Foya is the home town of Hon. Joseph Boakai, former vice president under the regime of madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He contested in the 2017 presidential elections under the Unity Party against president Weah, but did not win.

President Weah’s convoy could hardly move in the coward as security had to work extra harder to ensure his safety and others.

Due to the huge crowd, the town hall meeting, which is usually held in a hall, was held on the football field in open space.
At the football field, hardly did people have any chance to move. They were cramped and some went into far areas to stand on vehicles to have a glimpse of him.

“This is my first time to see our president. He is a fine man,” Kumba, a young girl in her early twenties said.

Another one, Fayah, said, “we are happy to see him here. I hope we can see him play football. All the time he played football, I saw him on TV. But thank God he is here.”

At the stadium, several speakers appreciated his visit and urged him to be free to move around to any part of the city he wanted to; as he would not be harmed in any way.
There were security concerns that he might be attacked since he was in the home of Hon. Boakai.

“I want to tell you that you are our son. Feel free to move to anyplace you want to go to in this town. Nothing will happen to you. You are our son. We love you,” paramount Chief of Foya, Chief Momo Taylor said. He later presented five living cow to president Weah as a gift.

For the youth, they called on him to contest in the upcoming presidential election in 2023.
The petition call was greeted with cheers and jubilation.

However, a representative from Foya district, Francis. Nyumalin called on president Weah to ensure that Bwonie Samukai, who was elected as senator for Lofa county is certificated by the elections Commission.

Samukai’s election was challenged in court by two groups on grounds that he was a criminal after the supreme court had earlier ruled against him for embezzling over one million united States dollars from the army fund. He was the longest serving minister(12 years) of the regime of madam Sirleaf. Samukai had agreed to abide by the supreme court’s decision.

But when president Weah took to the podium, he told citizens that he would not obstruct the legal system.

“I will allow the court to work. I cannot interfer in court matter.”
President Weah. He slept in Foya.

Earlier on Sunday, he played Volleyball with a local team in Foya.

President Weah continued his tour in other parts of Lofa over the weekend.


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