SALAYEA- President George Weah, flanked on his left side by his vice  president  madam Jewel Howard Taylor,  described his current team as the winning team.

He  made  the statement  in Salayea, Lofa county  in continuation of his county tour. Lofa is considered as a strong opposition hold. It is the home of former vice president under the regime of madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Joseph Boakai who  contested against president Weah in 2017 on the ticket of the Unity Party.

He said, “when my vice president and  I came here in 2017 to campaign, we  told you we were the best team. You should vote for me. Today, you can see that we are doing well. We are the winning team,” he said amidst cheers.

Thursday’s tour was the first time for Vice e president Taylor to  join him.  One of Jewel’s parents hails from Lofa and the other from Bong. Families from the two counties are inter-related.

He said, my vice president is a clever woman. “People say I am not clever, but if my vice president is clever and I am around her, I will not be clever too,” he asked. This was followed by cheers.

He asked citizens of Salayea, where his vice president  attended grade school to  support  his team  in the next three years; so that they will win in 2023 election.

Under the constitution,  a person can seek two terms in office.

President Weah was received by several hundreds of  residents in Lofa. He is expected to tour other parts of the county later on Friday. Lofa is the largest county in Liberia and has the largest Iron ore deposit; mount Wologizi, according to government geologists.



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