KABADA SINOE COUNTY-Citizens at a Town Hall Meeting in Kabada,  Sinoe County were joyful when they received President George M. Weah in the county on Sunday, May 9,2021.

They danced songs of praises when some of them for the first time saw the Liberian leader.

At the Town Hall meeting, the citizens laid the petitions before their leader with the hope that the presence  with the President will alleviate some of their pressing challenges as a people and those who voted to have him( President Weah) the head of Liberia.

Nearly all of the other places visited, citizens  have generic problem, so it was with citizens of  Kabada.

The President responding to his people during the meeting, assured them of meeting their needs through their direct representatives.  He said his government was  doing its best to ensure that most of their immediate needs are met.

President Weah committed the CDC led government to meeting the basic needs of the citizens of Liberia.

He said,” where there is no research center, we will build it. where there is no schools, we will work on it.”

The President mandated the Ministry of Education to do the renovation of schools the citizens of Kabada requested and he at the same time said he was sure that all public schools were free as he has done for public universities and public colleges in Liberia.

This response came when the citizens requested  the President to make elementary, Jr schools free.

He told the citizens that the government he heads has done a lot within ‘just three years ‘ and that before their term ends, they would  have achieved more for the people of Liberia.


He said, Sinoe was not different from other counties in Liberia,  he will  try to do all in his power through their lawmakers to meet their needs.


Already while in Sinoe, the President had Dedicated Tobgaville High School built by Representative Crayton O. Duncan,  broken ground for the new F.J. Grant Hospital under MOH and broken ground for relocation of Prison Center  under the Ministry of Justice (MOJ)

He had also Dedicated & turned over to the people vocational school built by Senator Chea, Senate Pro Temporary of the Liberian Senate, dedicated the United Dawah Ummah Mosque located in Po-River Community built by religious advisor to the President,  Ousman T. Jalloh, Dedicate Elementary School in Butaw funded by Sen.  Melton Teahjay and as well he visited Oil Mill of Golden Veroleum, Liberia (GVL).

The President visit would have been empty if he had not paid homage to fallen Public Works Minister. He  greeted and consoled family of the late Minister Nyenpan.





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