GREENVILLE–President Weah has issued a stern warning to the people of Sinoe and Rivercess over land dispute saying that  it breeds trouble and wants it to be resolved.

He issued  the warning in a Town Hall meeting in Tuarzon, Sinoe County on May 8, 2021 as part of his nationwide tour.

“Land dispute is not good. We are all one family. Do not allow this  to divide you people. I  am warning you against land dispute matter. This is not good,” he said as the hall became silent.

“Do not allow your children to be used. We should be mindful not to  allow the youths to be  used.   They are the future leaders of this country.”

He said,  Land dispute is not right. Do not allow yourselves to be dragged into land dispute. We are all one family.

His warning comes  against the backdrop of calls from citizens  of Sinoe calling for the intervention of  the president into a land dispute between the people of Rivercess.

The people of RiverCess and Sinoe have been in a parcel of land which both counties are claiming  ownership.

“This is not good at all. We need to stop  this. Your should stop. This is not good  for you people,” he said.

He called on citizens of the both counties to meet him in Monrovia to hold discussions on the possible resolution of the dispute.



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