MONROVIA–President George Weah said  even though the Millennium  Compact is closing its office in the country, he will ensure that they comeback.

He made the statement on Wednesday in White Plaines at the  official closing  ceremony.   “Liberia will not remain complacent with only one compact, but we will make it our mission to strive for a second compact, as other countries have done before us. Eligibility for a compact requires that a country should score at least ten (10) out of twenty (20) points on the MCC country scorecard,” he said.

“Two years ago Liberia scored eight (8) points, and last year we scored nine (9) points.  In order to ensure that Liberia’s performance on the MCC scorecard is realized, I have directed the MCC Compact Eligibility Committee to work closely with the US Government and MCC to enable us to qualify for another Compact in future”, he said.

He added that MCC significant support brings along with it an urgent responsibility to build upon the gifts of the American people by ensuring that the projects undertaken are protected, used for their intended purposes, and managed in a sustainable manner.

“As President of Liberia, I take this responsibility seriously and hereby assure the American People that my government will prioritize the due care required of the investments made under the compact,” he added.

The MCC  was set up in 2016 to support the Liberian government in its power generation  efforts

US$357M the cost for rehabilitant of   mount Coffee power plant. Of that amount, 42 percent  of the total was given by MCC. 88Megawatt generation capacity of the hydro plant.

He said  the Compact has also facilitated a new approach to road maintenance by enabling evidence-based maintenance planning.

“We now have a Road Asset Management System that will be regularly updated with data on our roads, which will allow us to develop annual road maintenance plans. Our road maintenance program will be funded by the National Road Fund, which will ensure sustainable financing of our road projects.”

The president  commissioned Raw Water Pipeline as well.

“Today, we will commission the raw water pipeline, an $18.5 Million component of the Compact that will deliver raw water from Mount Coffee to the water treatment plant at White Plains. This raw water I understand will be free of salt intrusion that takes place in the St. Paul River basin, thus improving the quality of water that will be supplied by the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation to Monrovia and its environs.”



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