BUCHANAN-Some employees of BCM said that the company  does not have the financial capital to run it and was owing  them  and there  is a legal battle among some top shareholders.

It is a mining company  which entered into concession agreement few years ago to carry  out mining activities in some parts of the county.

“That is the reason they have shut down. Also, they have financial issues.  It is not due to COVID19 health matter,” one source close to the company said.

“The company  was once known as Jonah Capital owned largely by Sam Jonah from Ghana. But BCM took  over because they got large shares into it. Now, they have some financial issues,’ a source close to the company told this paper Thursday.

“But more to that, there are some legal matters ongoing now between the former head and that of the lady,  Mrs.  Angela List who came to take over.  They should be in ECOWAS court or one of the  courts in the region,” the  source.

But a press release issued Thursday dismissed media reports that it was indebted to its employees. It said, they have settled all liabilities  before they shut own.

When contacted an officer on the highway, he failed to comment.


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