20 Housing units for Nurses In T’Burg

TUBMANBURG—President George Manneh Weah on Wednesday told the people of  Tubmanburg that he will construct 20 housing units for nurse at the  government-run  hospital.

President Weah made the statement after he visited the hospital and was greeted with a number of complains  and requests ranging from lack of electricity, water, vehicles among others.

Earlier, he was briefed by a senior head of the hospital as  dozens of nurses and patients stood in anticipation to hear  words of   happiness from him.

“I listened to all that you have said.  I will construct twenty (20) housing units for nurses to live in,” he said as  dozens of them cheered for  the president.

“This will start now. When I say now, I mean now,” he said.

Later, the president instructed the head of Liberia Community and Empowerment for communities-LACE to  instruct him.

Mr. Pepsi Yekeah, head of LACE told this paper that  his team will  carry out assessment of the area  very soon so that they will start with the construction.

After the announcement, a number of patients spoke  to  The New Republic.  “We are happy about  what the president said. Many people have not been able to  address our plight, but president  Weah has been able to do it, ”Miata  Johnson who has gone for treatment said.

Another one, David Hills said, “for me, I know that  this president is a man of development. When he said he will do it, he will do it. So, we are happy  about  the announcement he made.”

Earlier in the  day, president Weah appeared  on the local radio, Radio Bomi in which he praised the people of Bomi for their resilience.

He said, “the people of  Bomi are resilience. They should continue to keep the peace and remain hopeful.”

“We are happy to be here. COVID tried to stop us, but with the help of God, it did not happen,” president Weah said.

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