By Mark N. Mengonfia-   

MONROVIA-Authorities at the Liberia Institute for Statistic, Geo-information Services (LISGIS) said they are set to conduct another census this year.

In 2020, the Liberian legislature reached an agreement for the process to be carried out this year.

The process of conducting a census should have taken place in 2018, but the process has since delayed.

The 2008 antiquated data has been used for a little over 12 years now by the government of Libiria to direct their agenda for the last periods.

Appearing recently on Liberia Broadcasting System LBS, the National Census Coordinator at LISGIS, Andrews Tellewoyan III said in keeping with the mandate from the Liberian Legislature, they at LISGIS have begun putting into place implementation plans which will see the process conducted this year.

Tellewoyan said that they have completed the vetting of statisticians who will be shortly be placed in various communities to commence the national geographic mapping of homes in various communities of the country; a process he said will put them in the position to know how many persons are living in poverty or in slum communities.

After the national geographic survey which is also a part of the census process, they will conduct what he called piloting of the census.

According to him, the piloting process will provide them with test tools they are expected to use during the numeration or counting of the citizens; a process he said after which they will go ahead with the numeration of the populace.

“We are mixing geographic renditions with statistics. Every house in Liberia will be geo-coded to help us know where places and homes are. This will help us locate where rivers, to know where streets and other places in Liberia can be located” he added.

He went on to explain that the process will take not more than ten months.

Additionally, he said the expected process of numeration of Liberians will recruit about 10 thousand persons to do the counting of the people with the census boss at LISGIS indicating that they were in the process of deploying their workers in the field, but due to COVILD-19 they had to break.

LISGIS have communicated with the Ministry of Health and they have been certificated to conduct the process of census though they have been advised to follow all health protocols during the processes.

Commenting on the effect of the delay in the conduct of the process, he said the gap in the conduct of counting of Liberian has made the country not to make informed decisions as it relates to the development and other national decisions. “The gap has created challenges over the years” he said.

Although, Mr. Tellewoyan said they are set to have the process conducted this year he however said one request he made during the live program on State Radio is that they want to postpone the actual counting of people.

When he was asked what time will be best for the numeration of citizens of Liberia he said, “Early next year- March 2022 or February 2022?”



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