1.8M Liberians To Be vaccinated


By: Washington Tumay Watson onewash9@gamil.com

MONROVIA-Deputy  Health Minister  and Chief Medical   Officer of Liberia   Dr. Francis Kateh has  disclosed  that  the Liberian  Government  through  the Ministry of Health has  targeted 1.8million Liberians  to be vaccinated with  the coronavirus vaccine across  the country.

Dr. Kateh  said such number  of  those  who will be vaccinated  will put  the country on a comfortable path  in preventing  the spared  of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at  the Ministry of Information regular press conference recently  Liberia Chief Medical   Officer  disclosed  that in  June of  this year,  the country had  2094 confirm   cases , in July 1155, in August  2056, in September 71 as well as October 16 respectively.

“We are all working together, we should not be under the illusion that there is no coronavirus in Liberia   we are getting confirm cases,” he noted.

Dr. Kateh however told the media that  as of    May of this year, one person died of the coronavirus.

He said the country, due to coronavirus in   June,   43 persons died, while in   July 90 persons died as well as August   64 persons died.

According to Dr. Kateh, in the month of September, 3 three persons died of coronavirus while in October, one death occur.

He said with the number of death and the statistic, clearly shows that the people are working together to contain the disease with in the country.

“This  is the most appropriate   thing that we all need to do. 3091, 197 persons vaccinated, those that are fully vaccinated 374,615,” he said.

He as of December of this year Liberia is targeting 1.8 million persons who need to be vaccinated.

“We need to reach 48percent of that target, health immunity, we have to have about 70 percent of our target population vaccinated. We have a population about 5 million.  It is prudent for everyone to take their vaccine,” he said.

He further disclosed that as of Monday November 8, 2021 anyone heath worker at the Ministry of Heath will not enter the ministry if they have not taken their coronavirus vaccine.

He said only those heath workers who will take the test and be  negative will be allowed entry to work.

“If you are vaccinated, every three days you will have to come with negative coronavirus results before you enter to work, if you are not vaccinated,” he.

Dr. Kateh said their action is intended to safeguard the lives of the public in line with the Ministry of Heath mandate.

“We are doing this to safeguard the lives of the public, so you cannot have human right, if you are not healthy ,what we are doing is for  the public good,” he indicated .

He further said the Ministry will not relent to dismiss any of the Ministry of Health staff who will violate the new mandate relating to the taking of the coronavirus vaccine.

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